A review of the movie gladiator by ridley scott

For some time now, rumors have persisted of a possible gladiator sequel, despite the small issue of neither of its main characters making it out of the first film alive and, y'know, all those alien sequels that director ridley scott apparently has in mind for the years to come but scott, who hardly seems. This spectacular action drama brings us face to face with our own blood lust it also speaks volumes about the powerful emotions that animate the best and the worst in us thanks to the consummate cinematic skills of director ridley scott and the literate screenplay by david franzoni, john logan, and william nicholson,. Movie info a man robbed of his name and his dignity strives to win them back, and gain the freedom of his people, in this epic historical drama from director ridley scott in the year 180, the death of emperor marcus aurelius (richard harris) throws the roman empire into chaos maximus (russell crowe) is one of the. After an absence of 35 years, the roman empire makes a thrilling return to the bigscreen in “gladiator” a muscular and bloody combat picture, a compelling revenge drama and a truly transporting trip back nearly 2000 years, ridley scott's bold epic of imperial intrigue and heroism brings new luster and. The late developer ridley scott didn't start making films until he was 40, but he's been cranking out a hugely varied list of hits ever since, from thelma and louise to gladiator as his new film american gangster is released on the eve of his 70th birthday, he tells stephen moss why he's far from done yet published: 7 nov. Marc lee reviews a ridley scott classic that every film-lover will want to own. In the year 180, the death of emperor marcus aurelius throws the roman empire into chaos maximus is one of the roman army's most capable and trusted generals and a key advisor to the emperor as marcus' devious son commodus ascends to the throne, maximus is set to be executed he escapes, but is captured by. Decline and brawl film of the month: gladiator film still for film of the month: gladiator ridley scott's gladiator gives the sword-and-sandal genre a cgi makeover, mixing bloody spectacle with sly political satire it's his best film yet, says leslie felperin the encyclopaedia britannica imperiously.

Maximus: i'm required to kill--so i kill that's enough proximo: that's enough for the provinces, but not for rome a foolish choice in art direction casts a pall over ridley scott's gladiator that no swordplay can cut through the film looks muddy, fuzzy and indistinct its colors are mud tones at the drab end of. Complete plot summary of gladiator, written by specialists and reviewed by film experts directed by ridley scott commodus knows he needs to do something to consolidate power, and he decides to stage a series of gladiator games to honor his late father and give the people the kind of spectacle they want and crave. Director ridley scott made his name in movies by helming two acknowledged science fiction classics: alien and blade runner aside from those films, however , his resume is littered with mediocre and unpromising titles, such as his most recent outing, gi jane (some argue that scott returned to form with. Gladiator, american historical epic film, released in 2000, that was directed by ridley scott and starred russell crowe it won critical accolades, large audiences maximus is then taken by a slave trader to north africa, where he is sold to the gladiator trainer proximo (oliver reed) proximo and his troupe know maximus.

The late second century: the roman army is fighting germania, but that's a small problem for general maximus (crowe), compared to his relations with the imperia. Film review: gladiator february 16, 2015 by nathan basha ridley scott's action genre adventure revenge film, gladiator is a physical and emotional journey following character maximus decimus meridius's struggle to overcome the loss of his loved ones, at the hand of a corrupt roman government the film is about.

Gladiator dealing with an array of aspects of roman history, this entertaining exploration of the misdemeanours of unbefitting supremacy and its effect on one man makes for an all-consuming motion picture who better to helm a film of such profound proportions than the man from newcastle, ridley scott. Gladiator movie reviews & metacritic score: before maximus (crowe), the heroic roman general, can honor the wishes of his dying emperor marcus aurelius ( harr.

Ridley scott's gladiator is not a perfect film, i would think that the hardiest of fans, of which i'm firmly one, know this deep down yet just like commodus in the film is keen to point out that he himself has other virtues that are worthy, so does gladiator the film enough in fact to make it an everlasting favourite of genre fans and. Like its hero maximus — the squinting, beefy, unassuming, indomitable roman general-turned-gladiator — ridley scott's film gladiator is brave, impressive if he has never heard of the christian theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity, he is at any rate an embodiment of the classical cardinal virtues of fortitude. Free essay: ridley scott and the structure of an epic in the film gladiator the blurb for gladiator claims that scott has brought the epic into the twenty. So what if russell crowe's maximus dies at the end of gladiator that won't stop him from returning in a sequel this is hollywood after all, and if there is a way to rejuvenate a hit movie, someone will do it luckily, with this potential franchise in the making, the person who knows how to bring maximus back.

A review of the movie gladiator by ridley scott

Amazoncom review historians not affiliated with the movie gladiator praise it as the most realistic depiction of roman combat ever committed to celluloid gladiator: the making of the ridley scott epic illustrates how the filmmakers achieved that authenticity it's the official tie-in, and one of the handsomest movie books. On may 5, 2000, ridley scott and russell crowe unveiled their r-rated roman epic, gladiator, in theaters nationwide the film claimed five oscars at the 73rd academy awards, including best picture the hollywood reporter's original review is below. Gladiator by cathleen myers director ridley scott's gladiator has no pretension to being a historical film and includes a modest disclaimer at the end this is a genre film - a gladiator film - not a historical epic all the same, head writer david h franzoni's screenplay is far more historically accurate than the other recent.

Russell crowe gladiator 2: ridley scott reveals script to 'bring him back from the dead' gladiator maximus could gladiator back scott told memovies: russell is a buddy – and after five movies you better be a buddy – and he said, ' listen, i've got some thoughts, what can we do about gladiator. As alien: covenant is headed for the cinemas this friday, ridley scott's career seems now firmly planted in the sci-fi realm although he's most widely known for the likes of blade runner, alien and so on, it wasn't always so his first film, the duellists, was a swashbuckling thriller about two french officers. Ridley scott explains the bizarre way he would bring russell crowe's maximus back from the dead for a sequel to gladiator movies and talked about how it would have solved the problem of bringing russell crowe back from the dead: you know i can bring him back, i know how to bring him back.

As russell crowe's character had died by the end of gladiator, it didn't seem very likely that he would make an appearance in a sequel, but they certainly tried to make it happen more on that later at the sxsw film festival in austin, entertainment weekly asked ridley scott about a follow-up to. Gladiator - the making of the ridley scott epic has 458 ratings and 13 reviews avaladez1 said: this story was epic in many ways but mt favorite parts ws. Movie review of ridley scott's oscar best picture nominated movie of 2001 starring russell crowe. Ben-hur, spartacus, quo vadis - that was when they made movies as big as cities, proper, meaty, swallow-an-afternoon films well, what may have been out of vogue for 40 years is making one hell of a comeback in the grandest tradition of them all, ridley scott, together with man of the moment russell.

a review of the movie gladiator by ridley scott Fans of ridley scott's smash hit movie gladiator will be pleased to hear that gladiator 2 may one day be a reality plans for a sequel to the academy award- winning hit have been tossed about for a while, however nothing concrete has ever come to pass however, now according to director ridley scott,.
A review of the movie gladiator by ridley scott
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